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New Year's Resolution: Elder Services For Your Aging Loved One

Jan 11, 2018 by Johnson Joseph

Take the time this year to plan for your senior loved one’s future care needs

New Year is a time when people evaluate the decisions they made the past year and form their resolutions for the upcoming one. For those who have a senior loved one still living independently, now is the best time to consider whether they could benefit from professional elder services. To help you assess your parent’s situation clearly, we’ve compiled a set of guidelines that can help you decide.

Memory Issues

Very often, early signs of dementia are manifested through frequent forgetfulness. Although it is common that older adults do forget things now and then, not remembering when to take medication or forgetting about a doctor’s appointment is alarming. If you notice a repeating pattern of forgetfulness, consider consulting with your loved one’s physician.

Appearance and Hygiene Neglect

When seniors neglect their hygiene, it is likely there is an underlying reason such as deteriorating health, cognitive impairments or mobility issues. If you noticed that your senior mom or dad has an unpleasant body odor and that they constantly wear the same clothes, you might want to think about hiring a personal care provider. 

Frequent Fall-Related Injuries

If you happen to notice your loved one has cuts and bruises every time you see them but they are reluctant to tell you about the cause of their injuries, chances are falls are to blame. Elder services can provide fall risk reduction management and fall-proof your parent’s home.

A Messy House

You should assess if your parent is still capable of maintaining their home effectively and independently. A laundry bin full of unwashed clothes, clutter, and pilled up dirty dishes are all signs that they need some assistance. A professional caregiver can help your loved one with housekeeping and meal preparation, drastically increasing their quality of living.

Progressive and Chronic Conditions

Most seniors who live with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and various types of dementia require professional care. If your loved one has recently been diagnosed with a chronic condition, we advise you to opt for quality elder services, which can allow your parent or relative to lead a much more independent lifestyle.

Moody Personality

Is your senior mom or dad moody and grumpy all the time? Do they become agitated easily for no reason? If this is the case, a loving caregiver can provide some much-needed attention and companionship that can gradually improve their mental health.

Social Isolation

Seniors who used to be very social but start skipping events and gatherings and stay indoors most of their time often try to hide their depleting health. If your loved one started to behave like this, a devoted caregiver can encourage them to get out more often and provide incidental transportation and accompaniment.

With the help of professional elder services, your loved one can significantly improve their quality of life and continue living independently this New Year.

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