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Experts From In Home Care Services Share The Benefits Of Senior Gardening

Apr 5, 2018 by Lauren Rosa

Caregivers that encourage gardening with ?in home care services find that gardening improves the physical health of seniors

For millions of people worldwide, gardening is one of the best, most enjoyable outdoor activities. If your senior loved one has never tried gardening, spring is the ideal time to consider including this beneficial activity into their routine. Experts from in home care services recommend gardening as a fun, age-appropriate activity for seniors who wish to improve their health in a creative and fulfilling way.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of gardening in golden years.

Gardening Is Exercising

While it may not seem like your typical exercise routine, gardening is a form of exercise – and an extremely good one for that matter. Experts from in home care services point out that gardening can help seniors lose and maintain weight, improve flexibility, balance, and muscle movement, and strengthen the heart and lungs.

Exposure to Vitamin D

Seniors who get enough Vitamin D can prevent the risk of falls and fall-related injuries, boost mobility and independence, and prevent health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, staying healthy and vital for longer.

Reduced Stress Levels

Stress is one of the most dangerous conditions of the modern age, but taking up an outdoor hobby such as gardening can help reduce it significantly. Experts from in home care services report that gardening decreases stress because it allows seniors to spend quality time in nature and enjoy the fruits of their labor in a peaceful environment.

Provides a Strong Sense of Accomplishment

As gardening is an activity where you can actually see and measure your progress, it can provide seniors with a sense of accomplishment. Just by seeing what they have done with their own two hands and how they have improved their living environment can make older adults feel incredibly proud and happy.

Decreased Risk of Dementia

Gardening can actually prevent dementia, as it involves using problem-solving and sensory awareness skills, which are essential for keeping the brain healthy and in good shape. Seniors with dementia can also engage in gardening, which may slow down the progression of the condition or improve its symptoms.

Learning New Skills

While gardening, seniors are bound to learn new skills. They can also learn about the various types of plants and get to know more about several gardening techniques, ultimately becoming true experts at gardening.

Gardening comes with plenty of advantages. To make sure your loved one reaps all the benefits of this enjoyable activity and stays safe at all times, experts from in home care services stress that they should wear sunscreen, use knee pads, and drink plenty of water while tending to their garden.

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