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Social Wellness Tips for Seniors

Jul 25, 2018 by Lauren Rosa

Assisted living helps with seniors remaining socialized through their golden years

We know that mental and physical health is crucial for our well-being. That is why we give our best to eat healthy food, exercise and do various mental exercise to keep our brain sharp. However, it seems that by focusing on these things, we forgot an important factor that impacts our happiness - social wellness. Social wellness refers to our ability to make new contacts as well as to maintain old relationships. And with each year that passes by, we need to protect ourselves from solitude and isolation.

Being Part of Community

We don’t like to be alone, especially when we reach our senior years. Now that our children are grown up and have their own kids, they don’t have much time to visit us. In addition, some friends and relatives that were part of our life, aren’t with us anymore. In our years, staying alone means bringing up all kinds of memories, so it’s easy to become sad and depressed.

But, because of all this, seniors need to reach out to new people and assisted living caregivers. Talking about the things that bother us or simply sharing our experience with other people is valuable for our well-being. Social wellness also improves the quality of our sleep and our immune system.

On Your Way to Social Wellness

In order to reap the benefits of social wellness, seniors have to use the opportunities that are given to them. Here are some of the ways seniors can start working on their social connections:

  • Volunteering
  • Joining a senior center
  • Finding a new hobby
  • Signing up for online courses
  • Offering assistance to a family member of yours
  • Utilizing social media to keep in touch with friends and relatives that you rarely see
  • Inviting a friend over for coffee or tea
  • Joining an exercise group
  • Reaching out to those at a church, temple to sign up for upcoming events

Meet Comfort Keepers Caregivers

At Comfort Keepers® we care about our senior’s wellbeing and help them create a social network. Our trusted caregivers provide friendly companionship, and transport to get seniors to places they want to go. In addition, our technology solutions are great for boosting socialization. To find out more about Comfort Keepers’ services, including assisted living contact your local office today.

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