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In Home Care for Seniors Advice: Dining Out Tips for Older Adults with Alzheimer's Disease

Sep 20, 2018 by Lauren Rosa

Older adults with Alzheimer’s disease can benefit from being out and about in social situations. If you are searching for a great way to promote socialization for your senior, consider taking them to a restaurant. This way, they can enjoy a nice meal while spending time with loved ones. Providers who offer in home care for seniors in Flagstaff, AZ, suggest these dining out tips for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease.


Select a Familiar Restaurant

Senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease often find unfamiliar places scary. Therefore, you should select a restaurant that’s familiar and accessible. Make sure your older loved one likes their food and the wait staff is accommodating to guests with special conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Aides who provide in home care for seniors recommend selecting a time that coincides with your senior’s regular meal schedule.


Pack an Emergency Kit

A restaurant emergency kit can do wonders in the event of an emergency at a restaurant. Before you leave for a restaurant, make sure your cell phone is completely charged. Pack a current medication list as well as any emergency contacts and insurance paperwork. A change of clothes may also be a good idea in the event your senior spills some food or has an accident in the bathroom.


Inform the Restaurant Staff of Your Senior’s Needs

To make the restaurant experience more pleasant for you and your older loved one, it’s important to inform the restaurant staff of your senior’s needs. Let them know that your older adult is living with Alzheimer’s disease and may behave in unexpected ways. If you go out on a regular basis, providers who offer in home care for seniors suggest printing up small cards with this information, so you don’t have to constantly repeat it.


By selecting a familiar restaurant, packing an emergency kit, and informing the restaurant staff of your senior’s needs, you can ensure dining out is an enjoyable experience for both you and your senior loved one.


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