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Companion Care Advice: New Year’s Resolutions for Older Adults

Dec 27, 2018 by Lauren Rosa

Now that the year is coming to an end, seniors should start thinking about their New Year’s resolutions. By setting New Year’s resolutions, older adults will know what to work towards and may be able to improve their health and life. Companion care providers in Flagstaff, AZ recommend these New Year’s resolutions for older adults.


Exercise for 30 Minutes a Day

Seniors who are inactive or do not adhere to a regular workout schedule should consider exercising for at least 30-minutes a day in 2019. By doing so, they’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight and increase their muscle strength and balance. Aides who offer companion care recommend swimming, walking, dancing, and yoga.


Spend More Time with Grandchildren

Spending more time with grandchildren is a New Year’s resolution that is sure to put a smile on a senior’s face. Whether older adults invite their grandchildren over for dinner every Sunday night or play games with them every week, they’ll bond to create wonderful memories that will last for years to come.



Since most seniors are retired, they have the time to give back to the community through volunteering. Volunteering can also help older adults become more social and make new friends. Professionals who offer companion care suggest seniors volunteer at local food banks, animal shelters, or non-profit organizations.


Learn to Use New Technologies

There are a variety of technologies that senior citizen can benefit from. Those who aren’t tech savvy should consider learning how to use technologies such as a tablet, smartphone, emergency alert system, or electronic medication reminders. They can learn from tech savvy loved ones or classes at a local library or community center.


Exercising for 30 minutes a day, spending more time with grandchildren, volunteering, and learning to use new technologies are a few New Year’s resolutions that can help older adults live healthier, happier lives in 2019.

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