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Elderly in Home Care Services Explain What to Know About Pneumonia in Seniors

Jan 10, 2019 by Lauren Rosa

Pneumonia is a lung infection that may be spread by coughing, sneezing, or breathing. It is the result of bacteria, virus, or fungi and common among the senior population. Aides who specialize in elderly in home care services in Flagstaff, AZ encourage seniors to become familiar with the information below.


Why Seniors Are Prone to Pneumonia

Unfortunately, pneumonia is a very contagious condition. Since seniors have weaker immune systems that younger individuals, they are more likely to develop pneumonia. Pneumonia can weaken a senior’s immune system even more and lead to serious health complications and even death.


Due to the fact that symptoms of pneumonia are often confused with those of the common cold or flu, many seniors don’t realize they have it or find out late. When this happens, they do not seek treatment immediately and their condition typically worsens. Therefore, seniors and professionals who offer elderly in home care services must familiarize themselves with the symptoms of pneumonia.


Common Symptoms of Pneumonia

As stated, the symptoms of pneumonia are similar to those of the common cold in flu. If seniors are showing these symptoms and they are not going away quickly, it’s important to visit the doctor to determine whether pneumonia is present.


  • A cough that produces mucus
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Chest and rib pain
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting


How to Prevent Pneumonia

The good news is that there are a variety of ways older adults can protect themselves from pneumonia. According to elderly in home care services, by incorporating these tips into their lifestyle, they can strengthen their immune systems and remain healthy year round.


  • Wash hands frequently
  • Quit smoking
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Visit the doctor for a pneumonia vaccination


If you believe your older loved one may have pneumonia, take them to the doctor. In the event they do have this condition, antibiotics may be prescribed to treat it effectively.


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