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Incidental Transportation Provides Home Care Solutions for Seniors in Flagstaff, AZ

Our caregivers help seniors get to appointments safely with our home care solutions

If your senior loved one is no longer able to drive, making sure they get to appointments and procedures safely can be a challenge. Family caregivers may be able to offer transportation assistance from time to time, but many seniors require more consistent reliable transportation. Comfort Keepers in Flagstaff, AZ, now offers incidental transportation as part of our home care solutions for seniors. Our caregivers can provide safe transportation, help to get in and out of the car, and accompaniment to procedures and appointments.

What is Incidental Transportation?

Incidental transportation is meant to help seniors with the occasional or unexpected doctor’s appointment or medical procedure. This service can be helpful for other adults as well who might need transportation to an eye exam, blood draw, or other minor procedure that prohibits them from driving afterward. Incidental transportation provides a safe, reliable, and cost-friendly alternative to public transportation or taxi services.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Comfort Keepers offers incidental transportation for families who need a little assistance caring for a senior loved one. As part of our home care solutions and services, incidental transportation includes companion care and mobility assistance. Our trained caregivers can help seniors get in and out of the car and accompany them to procedures and appointments as desired.

A unique aspect of incidental transportation from Comfort Keepers is the built-in companionship. Included in this service is caregiver accompaniment for up to 3 hours for procedures. This means that the same, familiar professional will wait for your loved one and ensure their safe transportation home following a procedure or doctor’s visit. Your loved one will receive the assistance they need, and you can rest assured that they are safe and well-cared for.

If your senior loved one needs more regular transportation assistance, our home care solutions include grocery and home goods shopping, errands and social outing transport, and more. We are happy to work with you and your senior to create a schedule that meets their needs and encourages independence, socialization, and wellness.

To speak with a member of our team about incidental transportation or any of our senior care services, please call our office in Flagstaff, AZ, today at (928) 774-0888! We look forward to assisting your loved one in any way we are able.


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